Flash-Off Faster with Gekko’s Smarter Contact Adhesives

Are you working to a tight time limit? Is a project deadline staring you in the face? Relax – Gekko’s got your back. Our range of contact adhesives work faster & more efficiently than traditional alternatives, meaning flooring contractors can flash off and move onto the next part of the job with minimal delay and zero hassle. Where time is constrained, Choose Smarter & Fit Faster with Gekko’s smarter contact adhesives.

It’s true: bonding doesn’t have to be bothersome. With this in mind, we’ve combined industry know-how with decades of experience in adhesives engineering to make life easier for our customers. From faster-drying formulas to increased levels of coverage, our contact adhesives get the job done right and you home sooner. Who knew it could be so easy?

Gekko Contact Adhesives: Faster Results Guaranteed

Here at Gekko, we’re bringing adhesives technology to exciting new places. Aside from pioneering a range of market-leading spray adhesives, we’re leading the way in safer approaches to bonding with a commitment to cleaner, less-toxic formulas. We firmly believe that these benefits shouldn’t come at the expense of adhesive performance; that’s why we’ve pioneered research and development to develop smart, speedy-acting contact adhesives. 

Let’s take a look at the Contact Adhesives range in all its glory…

  • Gekko G10: Need a premium-performance contact adhesive? Look no further. G10 comes fully equipped with ZERO-FLAM Technology™, featuring a non-flammable adhesive and a non-flammable propellant. Aside from offering these awesome safety benefits and 10% increased coverage, users can flash-off in an amazing 1-2 minutes!
  • Gekko G12: Installing vertical wall cladding? Want all of the amazing safety benefits offered by ZERO-FLAM Technology™? G12 is what you need; featuring a cleaner, dichloromethane-free formula and a tacky, high-grab formula ideal for the vertical installation of hygienic wall cladding. Get the job wrapped up with G12’s 3-4 minute flash-off time.
  • Gekko G42: Gekko is 100% confident in the performance & ability of Gekko G42. In fact, we’re so confident that we’re offering a lifetime guarantee against bond failure caused by plasticiser migration. Whilst offering a rapid flash-off time of 4-5 minutes, this bonding boss is ideal for the installation of vinyl floor coverings to stair rises & treads, passing sheer strength requirements for BS EN 14259.
  • Gekko G51: Sometimes flooring contractors need a solution that is versatile and proven to work with a variety of substrates. Fortunately, G51 steps up to the mark, providing immediate permanent bonds using a double-sided application. This adhesive boasts an impressive flash-off time of 1-3 minutes, featuring low odour and a strong temperature resistance of up to 105°c!
  • Gekko G52: Are you working in the vertical installation of hygienic wall cladding? G52 has been especially engineered for this purpose. Whilst it provides an incredible flash-off time of 1-2 minutes, G52 is equipped with Co-REZ Technology™, resulting in up to 15% extra coverage. What’s more, this top-notch contact adhesive provides a good temperature resistance of up to 115°C.
  • Gekko G53: Working in a water-based/sea-going vessel?It’s safe to say you’ll need a tried & tested solution that offers IMO ‘Wheelmark’ Approval. G53 offers just that, with a design that has been specifically engineered for bonding rubber floor coverings. Whilst this adhesive is also successfully used for bonding marmoleum, this fast drying (2-4 mins) solution provides a lengthy open time of 40 mins!
  • Gekko G56: Need a chlorine-free contact adhesive that’s proven to perform? Gekko G56 is the solution you’re looking for. This versatile adhesive features a high-grab, high-strength formulation along with 15% extra adhesive coverage. What’s not to like about this non-chlorinated product?

Gekko: Your Choice for Smarter Contact Adhesives 

Don’t let that project deadline keep you up at night. Tackle the project head on and get faster, cleaner, more reliable results with Gekko’s range of smarter contact adhesives. To find out more about more range of contact adhesives, check out the product page. Alternatively, reach out to a member of our sales team for more info.