Get your hands on
the official
Quin Kick-Off Kit

Regardless of the bonding job you’re doing, you’ll need convenience, ease-of-access and ultimate sticking power. Fortunately, the official Quin Kick-Off Kit contains everything you need to create a super-strong bond in as simple and convenient a fashion as possible.

You’ll get one of Quin’s Kick-Off Kits with your first canister purchase. This unique package comes with all the tools you need for bonding:

• A professional spray gun
• Gun tip
• 4-metre hose
• 75mm Roller
• A branded football courtesy of Quin Global

No matter the bonding job, we’ve got the Kick-Off Kit you need to get the very best out of your Gekko product. Options are currently available in:

• CO-REZ Technology™
• Web Spray
• Mist Spray
• HT – Spray

Please note that Kick-Off Kits are available for new customers only and Quin Global may check with yourself or your company to confirm. Please also note that depending on the actual adhesive product you’re using, do contact us to ensure you get the correct gun Nozzle appropriate to the adhesive chosen.