Gekko G10: The Ultimate Non-Flammable Flooring Adhesive

At Gekko, we know that an adhesive’s fire safety shouldn’t come at the expense of surface coverage or bonding power. That’s why we’re ticking all of these boxes and more with G10: the ultimate non-flammable flooring adhesive. Keep reading our product feature to discover how you can choose smarter and fit faster with this top-shelf solution from Gekko Flooring Adhesives. 

It’s safe to say our customers have enough safety concerns, and their choice of adhesive shouldn’t be one of them. With Gekko G10, we’re stepping up to the mark with a 100% non-flam propellant, non-carcinogenic and non-flam adhesive:

  • ZERO-FLAM Technology: G10 mitigates the most major of risks with ZERO-FLAM Technology, using a unique propellant system of non-flammable gases that has been put through rigorous testing. Users of our adhesives will benefit from a 100% flame-resistant canister adhesive system. In addition, users of our canister-based system will enjoy unparalleled spray performance which has only been made possible with this innovation.
  • Increased Coverage: Whilst G10 exceeds industry standards for flame projection and control performance, this adhesive’s ingredients combine fortified high-performance polymers with the dual component formula, helping flooring contractors avail of increased productivity and a more accurate and high-speed spray application. Enjoy 10% extra coverage with G10!
  • Dichloromethane Free: Gekko G10 is safer and smarter in more ways than one. We’re standing up for the health of flooring contractors with a strong alternative to products that contain harmful, carcinogenic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like dichloromethane. So, relax and take a deep breath – it’s only bonding!
  • High Grab: Yes, the Gekko G10 is about as safe as it gets. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful to boot. This solution offers all of the benefits above with a super-high grab, meaning you can proceed with total confidence around the choice of your adhesive and the strength of your bond. 
  • Ultimate Convenience: Yes, our canister systems have been designed for your ease-of-use in-mind. However, the adhesive inside has been engineered to make your life easier. When you choose Gekko G10, you can achieve fast drying and enjoy a long open time of up to 45 minutes. What’s more, you can expect less paperwork with our non-flammable product. Who knew the job could be so easy?

Fight Workplace Hazards with Gekko G10

Construction and building environments come with their fair share of hazards, and flooring contractors have traditionally faced major risks in their everyday work. Gekko is standing with its thousands of users in the fight against workplace hazards – especially in working environments which feature woodworking, foam or insulation where these threats are common…

Mitigate the most major of risks with Gekko G10: The Ultimate Non-Flammable Flooring Adhesive. Check out Gekko’s guidance for best bonding results:

  • This product is designed to be applied as a double sided bonding system. Before bonding ensure that surfaces are clean, dry and free from dirt, dust, oil, loose paint, wax or grease, etc.  For best results, the temperature of the adhesive and the surfaces being bonded should be between 16°C – 27°C. 
  • Canister application: Spray approximately 6” – 10” away at a 90 degree angle to the surface, applying a uniform, even coat of adhesive to obtain 80% to 100% coverage of the surface. 
  • Allow flash off time for the adhesive to tack off. 
  • Adhere surfaces and press together with adequate pressure (a pressure roller can be used to apply uniform pressure to achieve maximum strength). 
  • Allow 24 hours for the adhesive to fully cure. 
  • If the spray tip clogs, unscrew the spray tip from the gun and clean with Gekko G92 or G93 solvent cleaners. Do not use a pin on the spray tip.

Gekko G10 – Get Yours 

It’s not just another adhesive. It’s a true market disruptor, allowing flooring contractors to complete jobs safely with unrivalled performance. To find out more about Gekko G10 or to place your order, get in touch with our sales team who will be happy to help!

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