Worried about project deadlines?
Concerned for health & safety?
Tired of the roller brush & bucket?

Choose Smarter & Fit Faster

with Gekko Flooring Adhesives.

We are Gekko

We’ve brought together decades of engineering experience to make flooring contractors’ lives easier, one successful bonding job at a time.

Packaged in pre-pressurised canisters, our adhesives enable the quick, accurate & safe bonding of floor coverings. Forget that roller brush and bucket: making the move to spray guarantees optimum results with significantly reduced application time. Who knew flooring could be so easy?

Whether you’re working with wall cladding, textile floorcoverings, underlays, vinyls, PVC profiles or linoleum, we’ve got a solution that has been specifically engineered for your job at hand.

Today’s flooring contractors are faced with tight deadlines, tiring work and numerous health & safety risks. Fortunately, we’ve engineered spray adhesives that work faster, safer & better. It’s time to ditch that roller & bucket…

From contact adhesives to tackifiers, Gekko’s got your back with solutions that are tried, tested & proven to perform.

From adhesive performance to ease-of-use, there’s lots of reasons why we’re the contractor’s favourite:

Spray Technology:
Some say spraying can’t be fun. We say otherwise. The Gekko Gun has used years of industry-informed expertise to develop a gun that is ultra-safe, ultra-accurate and ultra-ergonomic. Wave goodbye to those afterwork aches!

Fast Acting:
Got a tight time frame? Need an easy-to-use, quick-drying adhesive? Don’t sweat it. Gekko Flooring Adhesives tack off quickly, saving you precious man hours and helping you focus on those other parts of your to-do list.

Safer Application:
Forget cancer-causing chemicals and other toxic ingredients. We’re proud to provide flooring contractors with cleaner adhesive solutions whilst still offering quick-curing characteristics and high-temp resistance.

Better Results:
Our spray flooring adhesives get the job done properly, with their polyurethane base providing 100% resistance to plasticiser migration – the process which breaks down standard adhesives.

Gekko’s Got Your Back:
We’re more than a flooring adhesive supplier. We’re passionate about doing what we do well. We provide a level of customer & technical support that is unrivalled, helping our customers from concept to completion.

Bonding doesn’t have to be bothersome.

Choose Smarter, Fit Faster with Gekko Flooring Adhesives.