Today’s flooring contractors are faced with tight deadlines, tiring work and numerous health & safety risks. Fortunately, we’ve engineered spray adhesives that work faster, safer & better. It’s time to ditch that roller & bucket...

We are Gekko: the latest range of smarter, cleaner spray flooring adhesives from the experts at Quin Global UK. We’ve brought together decades of engineering experience to make flooring contractors’ lives easier, one successful bonding job at a time.

Packaged in pre-pressurised canisters, our adhesives enable the quick, accurate & safe bonding of floor coverings. Whilst our canister system allows awesome results without the afterwork aches, we’ve pioneered research and development to avoid the dichloromethane, CFCs and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) wherever possible. Who knew flooring could be so easy?

Whether you’re working with wall cladding, textile floorcoverings, underlays, vinyls, PVC profiles or linoleum, we’ve got a solution that has been specifically engineered for your job at hand. From contact adhesives to tackifiers, Gekko’s got your back with solutions that are tried, tested & proven to perform.

Forget traditional application methods: making the move to spray guarantees optimum results with significantly reduced application time.

Choose Smarter & Fit Faster with
Gekko Flooring Adhesives.

Product Range

DCM-Free Adhesives

Gekko is renowned for innovative formulations that deliver unrivalled speed, convenience and bond integrity for flooring professionals.  But as well as performance, we’re passionate about the safety of our products – and as a result, we’re pushing to remove dichloromethane from our product range.

Dichloromethane is a solvent that’s linked to respiratory health problems, including lung cancer.  Disease typically occurs many years after exposure, so we’re taking steps now to protect the future health of our customers.

We’re innovating to ensure our DCM-free adhesives deliver the same quality performance you’ve come to expect from Gekko.  There’s a DCM-free option for almost every flooring application – and the range is growing all the time.

Product Range: G22 / G25 / G42 / G47 / G56 / G57 / G67 / G70

Fit Faster with Gekko Adhesives.

Contact Adhesives

When you choose contact adhesives by Gekko, you choose immediate and permanent bonds. We’re pioneering research & development to bring to our customers the latest developments in adhesives engineering, providing a range of solutions that are trusted by thousands of contractors across the world. Including our fantastic Zero-Flam Technology and dichloromethane free ranges putting your health and safety first.

When reliability and efficiency are important, Gekko offers the high-performance, high-quality solution you need to get the job done quickly & properly. Suitable for use across a variety of substrates, our fast-drying adhesives will ensure your workshop continues to deliver by using the best range of systems in the world.

Product Range: G42 / G51 / G52 / G53 / G56 / GP

Fit Faster with Gekko Adhesives.


When we say Gekko’s range of tackifiers are smart, we mean it. Our solutions get to work fast, with tack-off ready so fast that floor installation can begin immediately. All our tackifiers are free from Dicholormethane and the benefits don’t end there. However, the benefits don’t end there. Our acutely-engineered tackifiers are fast-drying, easy-to-use and extremely controllable, making them some of the leading products on the market.

Not only are Gekko’s tackifying systems quick-drying and reliable. They also prioritise your health. We’re proud to have driven research into ‘healthier adhesives’, with several of our tackifiers working with minimum overspray, low odour and low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content. Indeed, it’s no secret why Gekko’s tackifiers are the installers’ favourite.

Product Range: G47 / G57 / G67

Fit Faster with Gekko Adhesives.

Water-based Adhesives

Gekko Adhesives offer a specially-engineered range of water-based solutions, helping thousands of contractors around the world enjoy fast drying times & quick tack off without many of the risks posed to health and environment. Indeed, the benefits of our water-based adhesives mean that these products can be used across multiple areas.

Our water-based systems provide a permanent, tacky film of adhesive and are particularly suited to larger jobs where a non-solvented and non-flammable tackifier is required. You can proceed with total confidence with your adhesives specifications, boasting safety bonuses like low VOCs and non-chlorinated formula.

Product Range: G67

Fit Faster with Gekko Adhesives.

Cleaners & Tools

Gekko’s range of adhesive systems are amongst the very best in the world. However, we recognise that jobs can sometimes go wrong. That’s why we’re proud to supply our customers with industry-leading, superior-quality adhesive cartridges and tools.

We offer a consultative approach to what we do, offering the right cleaner or tool you need to do the job properly – all you have to do is give us a call.

Product Range: G92 / G93 / Carpet Gripper / Stair Nosing / Spray Gun / Wand Gun / Rollers / Canister Trolley

Fit Faster with Gekko Adhesives.

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