Level-Up Your Work Kit with Gekko Flooring Adhesives

With lockdown restrictions lifting, more flooring contractors than ever will be returning to the work that they do best. Here at Gekko, we think that calls for an upgrade. This spring, we’re inviting flooring pros to ditch the brush and bucket for something a little bit cooler. It’s time to level up your flooring adhesives – trust us!

From seeing fellow humans to getting out of the house a little bit more, there’s lots of reasons why we’re looking forward to getting back to bonding. However, some flooring contractors will be making a return to those same old pain points:

  • Back aches associated with bending, kneeling and standing
  • Repetitive strain injuries that come with flooring work
  • Inhalation of volatile organic compounds found in conventional products
  • Chunks of the day spent waiting on adhesive drying
  • Significant wastage associated with trowels and brushes

Do any of these points sound familiar? If so, we’d like to help you: it’s what we do.

Upgrade Your Working Day with Gekko

It’s a fact: bonding doesn’t have to be bothersome. We’re passionate about making the working day safer, easier and more rewarding for the many flooring contractors we’re proud to call customers. We’re driving a revolution in flooring, and now we need you to join us. Here’s just a few reasons why contractors are ditching the bucket for something that’s a little bit niftier…

  • Cleaner: Worried about the stuff that goes into your flooring adhesive? We feel you. That’s why we’ve driven research and development to offer adhesives that minimise the presence of Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C.s) wherever possible. Take a breath and relax – our solutions have your health & welfare in mind.
  • Faster: Imagine this scenario – your adhesive flashes off in a few minutes, meaning you can move onto your next task in a jiffy. Sound too good to be true? Try us. Our adhesives offer rapid drying time, which means you can meet your project deadline with minimal hassle. Who knew a day at work could be so easy?
  • Easier: Forget sore arms and sore backs. Gekko’s spray adhesives are designed to make your bonding job easier than ever. Adhesive is dispersed evenly via our range of innovative spray patterns, promising an unrivalled level of coverage and a finish that is both reliable and visually appealing.
  • Better: It’s a bold statement, but it’s true – our adhesives are simply better than the rest. Our range of spray adhesives have been put through rigorous testing to achieve our official seal of approval, with solutions guaranteeing immediate grab and a bond that lasts for life. Our adhesives are about as reliable as they come!
  • Guarantees & Endorsements: We understand the importance of industry approval when it comes to adhesive application – not to mention product guarantees. That’s why we’ve teamed up with several of the industry’s leading names to get official endorsement on our products, including official Quantum Endorsement and official IMO Wheelmark certification. We’re even prepared to offer a lifetime guarantee with Platinum products such as TensorGrip LP64!
  • Safer: Worksites can be risky, and that’s especially true for flooring contractors. Fortunately, we’re passionate about taking safety to the next level with awesome features like ZERO-FLAM Technology removing the risk of chemical combustion during the application process. Don’t get stressed – get Gekko!

Life is too short for waiting and backaching. Return to work the easy way by upgrading your work kit with Gekko Flooring Adhesives!

Level-Up with Gekko Flooring Adhesives 

Wave goodbye to those familiar pain points associated with flooring work. Here at Gekko, we’ve got you covered with solutions that are better than the rest. To get equipped with the market’s leading flooring adhesive, get in touch with a member of our sales team. We don’t bite!