Forget the Harmful Stuff: Go Dichloromethane Free with Gekko

Whether it’s workplace falls, equipment failures or chemical combustion risks, we understand that flooring contractors face more than a handful of hazards in their day-to-day work. With this in mind, it’s safe to say our customers have more to worry about than what goes into their adhesives. That’s why we’ve developed a range of dichloromethane free adhesives, meaning you can take a deep breath and work in confidence. 

Here at Gekko, the health, safety and welfare of our customers is at the forefront of our minds. Recent reports have highlighted the dangers faced by workers when working with certain chemicals in enclosed interior environments, as well as the importance of protective respiratory equipment when working in hazardous environments. Fortunately, flooring contractors can dodge these risks with a dichloromethane free formula, currently present in four Gekko products.

Discover Cleaner, Safer Flooring Work

So – what’s the big deal? The fact is that many solvents are inherently harmful to the human body. After entering the bloodstream, many adhesive solutions can cause a number of side effects including dizziness, blurred vision, nausea and more (to learn more about the risks of these solvents, we recommend consulting this HSE Factsheet).

However, work doesn’t have to be risky. We’ve brought together everything we know about adhesives engineering to develop cleaner alternatives that pose a minimal impact to your health. This includes making improvements and refinements to manufacture non-chlorinated products and to reduce the Volatile Organic Compound (V.O.C.), making the use of that product even safer!

Get Your Hands on Dichloromethane Free Adhesives

Take a deep breath and get on with the job! Gekko provides a number of top-notch adhesives that are 100% free from dichloromethane. Here’s a selection of our top four premium choices:

  • Gekko G42: Guaranteed for life against bond failure caused by plasticiser migration, Gekko G42 is 100 percent waterproof and passes sheer strength requirements under BS EN 14259.
  • Gekko G57 EC1 Tackifier: Non-chlorinated and providing a high-performance tacky film, Gekko G57 is Indoor Air Emissions Certified EC1 Plus, meaning this product boasts low emissions and meets the strictest standards according to independent examination bodies.
  • G67 Waterbased Tackifier: Suitable for use with loose lay LVT, Gekko G67 features a non-flammable propellant and provides a permanently tacky film of repositionable adhesive. 
  • The ZERO-FLAM Technology Range: Users of Gekko’s ZERO-FLAM adhesives will benefit from a 100% flame-resistant canister adhesive system. In addition, users of our canister-based system will enjoy unparalleled spray performance which has only been made possible using ZERO-FLAM.

Work doesn’t have to be so risky. Invest in your health, welfare and safety on-the-job with Gekko’s range of dichloromethane free adhesives!

For a Cleaner Alternative, Get Gekko Flooring Adhesives

We’re proud to stand up for safer working processes with a cleaner approach to adhesives engineering. To find out more about our range of dichloromethane free products, contact us or reach out to UK Category Sales Manager Rachael Morgan via Alternatively, view the full product range