Gekko G53: Marine Installation Made Easy

Got a niche flooring job to do? Need an adhesive that’s going to stay stuck in all situations – even when things get wet? Look no further. We’ve brought out the best brains in the bonding business to bring flooring contractors Gekko G53: a high-performance contact adhesive that is fully IMO Marine Certified. Introducing Gekko G53 – marine installation made easy!

We understand that today’s bonding work needs strength and versatility – and this is especially true around flooring tasks within the marine sector. Luckily, G53 is here to do the job, no matter the challenge:

  • Marine Certified: IMO “Wheelmark” Approved, for a variety of marine flooring installations.
  • More Coverage: Enjoy an impressive coverage of 180m2 Coverage per 22l canister.
  • Niche Performance: Gekko G53 has been specially designed for bonding rubber floor coverings – ideal for projects within a marine environment.
  • Marmoleum Tested: We understand the challenges flooring contractors have faced when bonding marmoleum. We’re making lives easier with a solution that is proven to work well on this substrate. 
  • Temp-Resistance: Adhesives should work when the going gets hot. That’s why Gekko G53 offers a temperature resistance of up to 120°C.
  • Job Done: Super-versatile, G53 is ideal for carpet installation on stair treads and risers throughout your vessel. 

Discover marine installation made easy with Gekko G53: the IMO “WheelMark” approved adhesive you need to succeed.

Marine Bonding with the Best

Here at Gekko Adhesives, we understand that flooring contractors working within marine environments need bonding solutions that have been testified and verified to meet the most vigorous industry standards. With Gekko G53, we’re offering a product which proudly displays WheelMark Certification, approving and fully legalising it for use in the marine industry. 

Joining our comprehensive range of high-performance contact adhesives, the G53 is approved and ready to bond and is available in 22L canisters and 500ml aerosol cans:

  • Confidence in Marine: Confidently use Gekko G53 in a marine environment and on any ocean-going vessel, knowing your product has been backed up by official testing houses with approved certification. This includes rigorous and comprehensive testing and the world-leading laboratories of Quin Global. 
  • Approved: The certification confirms that Gekko G53 satisfies the smoke and toxicity test by meeting the total heat release and peak release as stated in the IMO Fire Procedure Code. The testing also proves that the adhesives have been tested to surface flammability test, IMO resolution MSC 307(88).
  • Compliant: The certification is issued on behalf of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), and shows that G53 complies with the relevant international testing standards. This allows us to affix the U.S Coast Guard approval number 164.112/1121/WCL MED0524, as allowed by the agreement between the European community and the United States of America, on mutual recognition of certificates of conformity for marine equipment.  

Gekko G53: Marine Bonding Applications

Through the power of Gekko G53, flooring contractors can achieve immediate and permanent bonds via double-sided applications onto most substrates. Here’s some examples of applicable substrates for the G53:

  • Ideal for stair treads & risers
  • Carpet (gel-backed)
  • Carpet (synthetic-backed)
  • Fibre bond carpets
  • Carpet tiles
  • Rubber underlay
  • Rubber floor coverings
  • Marmoleum 
  • Hardboard
  • Concrete
  • Ceramic

Gekko Your Hands on Gekko G53

Bonding doesn’t have to be boring, and we’re passionate about making life easier for flooring contractors. Cut out the hassle in your marine bonding work by getting your Gekko G53 adhesive today. To get your hands on this IMO Wheelmark Approved superstar, get in touch with our sales team or find your nearest distributor. Choose Smarter, Fit Faster with Gekko!

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