Where Fire Safety is a Priority, Choose Gekko G11

From workplace falls to equipment failures, flooring contractors have more to worry about than what goes into their adhesive – nevermind the risk of chemical combustion. Fortunately, Gekko has developed G11 with innovative ZERO-FLAM™ Technology, delivering top-notch results via a non-flammable propellant and non-flammable adhesive. Who knew bonding could be so easy?

It’s true: if you’re a flooring contractor, chemical combustion should represent the least of your worries. However, many customers continue to face adverse health & safety risks through the use of traditional adhesives, many of which are developed using combustible materials which represent significant risks during application.

Flooring doesn’t have to be a risky affair. We’ve engineered a best-in-class solution that yields top-notch results without those combustion concerns:

  • ZERO-FLAM™ Technology: Totally unique and breaking new ground in adhesives engineering, ZERO-FLAM™ Technology delivers immediate, lifelong bonds via a non-flammable adhesive and non-flammable propellant. This means that contractors can work in confidence that if a fire incident were to occur, their product would NOT support the spread of flames. Safety doesn’t have to compromise on performance, and we’re proving that point with G11.
  • Safer Application: Yes, G11’s ZERO-FLAM™ formula means safer application on the job. However, our commitment to safety goes beyond that. We’re pleased to say that Gekko G11 is 100% free from dichloromethane, meaning that you can take a deep breath and rest easy knowing your solution has prioritised safer, cleaner ingredients wherever possible. 
  • Optimum Results: Need a bond that is immediate, permanent and totally reliable? Say no more – Gekko’s got your back. Gekko G11 has been acutely engineered to provide a high performance tacky film which is both permanent and fully repositionable, with an adhesive performance that stands alongside the strongest the industry has to offer. For bonds you can count on, G11 is a top choice.
  • A Textile Performer: Regardless of the bonding job you’re working on, you’ll need a tried, tested & certified adhesive solution that has been designed for specific use on your substrate. Gekko G11 has been designed as the ideal solution for bonding textile floor coverings, guaranteeing optimum results with a significantly reduced application time.

How to Get the Best Results with Gekko G11

Got your hands on Gekko G11? Bravo on a decision well-made. For all those using this top-tier product, we’ve shared some Gekko guidance on getting your experience with G11 off to the best possible start. Thank us later!

  • Before you get started with your G11 spray canister, check  its compatibility by spraying a small test patch onto your substrate.
  • Before bonding, make sure that your surfaces are clean, dry and free from dirt, dust, oil, loose paint, wax or grease, etc. For the very best results, the temperature of your G11 Adhesive and the surfaces being bonded should be between 16°C – 27°C. 
  • Spray G11 approximately 6” – 10” away at a 90 degree angle to the surface, applying a uniform, even coat to obtain good surface coverage. Allow flash off time (2-4 mins) for the adhesive to tack off.
  • Adhere surfaces and press together with adequate pressure. 
  • If the spray tip clogs, unscrew the spray tip from the gun and clean with Gekko G92 or G93 solvent cleaners. Do not use a pin on the spray tip.

Get Your Hands on Gekko G11

Gekko G11 is more than just another adhesive. It’s a true market disruptor, allowing flooring contractors to complete jobs safely with unrivalled performance. To find out more about Gekko G11 or to place your order, get in touch with our sales team who will be happy to help!