Watch this Space: Gekko G42 is Teaming up with Quantum!

Today’s flooring contractors need top-notch adhesives that are tried, tested and certified by some of the biggest names in bonding. Gekko is making this a reality, working behind the scenes with Quantum Flooring Solutions to give customers even more with Gekko G42 Contact Adhesive. Watch this space…

It’s true: we’re passionate about providing flooring contractors with cleaner, smarter adhesive solutions. We’re proud to say that all of our adhesives have passed stringent testing processes, meeting the highest industrial standards and continuously surpassing the expectations of our customers. We’re working with Quantum Flooring Solutions to take our certified solutions to the next level!

So – what does Gekko teaming up with Quantum mean for G42 users? Whilst we’ll be making full announcements in the coming weeks, G42 users will enjoy a full endorsement from Quantum when using the product on the leading brand’s PVC flooring accessories range, including the Quantum Capping and Cove Former, which simplifies the fitting of floor coverings around internal and external corners.

Even More Value with Gekko G42 Contact Adhesive

G42 will attain official Quantum endorsement for use across its PVC Cap Cove and Skirting products, adding even more value to this outstanding adhesive. Incase you haven’t tried it, here’s some of the key benefits:

  • No Hassle: Bonding PVC flooring profiles and vinyl floor coverings has never been easier with this advanced solution. Perfect for installing floor coverings to stair risers & treads, G42 is acutely engineered for first-class bonding results. 
  • No Plasticizer Migration: Frustrated with telegraphing in your bonding job? Fed with that irritating rippling/orange-peel effect? We feel your pain. That’s why we’re offering a lifetime guarantee from Quin Global against plasticizer migration!
  • No Water/Heat Degradation: G42 is 100% waterproof and boasts a temperature resistance of 169°C, meaning contractors can proceed in confidence that their bond won’t face erosion as a result of water or heat contact (please note that PVC needs acclimatising before fitting).
  • No Imitations: Forget the imitations – Gekko G42 is the real deal. We believe in putting our money where our mouth is when it comes to sheer sticking strength. With G42, flooring contractors invest in a solution that has gone through a series of stringent testing methods, including adhesion tests and performance testing (this product passes the requirements under BS EN 14259).
  • Dichloromethane-free formula: When you work with G42, you can breathe easy in the knowledge that your adhesive is 100% free from dichloromethane.

The benefits of G42 don’t end there. To find out more about this best-in-class adhesive, including expert user tips and spray advice, check out our nifty blog.

Watch This Space: Things Are Happening at Gekko 

We’re working behind the scenes with Quantum Flooring Solutions to add even more value to Gekko G42 Contact Adhesive. We’re inviting our followers to stay tuned with these exciting product developments! To get your hands on this advanced solution, get in touch with a member of our helpful sales team. Alternatively, view our full range of adhesives.