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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: here at Gekko Adhesives, we’re the contractor’s friend. We care about the lives of the thousands of contractors we’re proud to call customers. That’s why we’re passionate about offering adhesive solutions that pose a minimal impact to your health. Look after yourself at work with Gekko’s range of ‘Healthy’ Adhesives!

We understand the challenges that flooring contractors face. Building and construction environments pose a number of health & safety hazards – and even those simple DIY jobs can pose their risks. With all of this considered, should contractors really have to worry about what goes into their adhesive? We think not.

Health and safety is at the forefront of our minds, and Gekko is committed to keeping our customers safe, comfortable and confident that their bond has been sealed with ultimate strength. We’re demonstrating our commitment to our customer’s health with the ‘Healthy’ Adhesives symbol. 

This symbol shows that a particular adhesive has been through Quin Global’s Innovation Department, where improvements and refinements have been made to manufacture non-chlorinated products and reduce the Volatile Organic Compound (V.O.C.) making the use of that product even safer.

Discover Gekko’s ‘Healthy’ Adhesives

Why should contractors worry about their health? The fact is that many solvents are inherently harmful to the human body. Whilst wearing a mask can provide a level of protection, many avoid taking this measure to the discomfort caused when worn for long periods. After entering the bloodstream, many adhesive solutions can cause a number of side effects including dizziness, blurred vision, nausea and more (to learn more about the risks of these solvents, we recommend consulting this HSE Factsheet).

The ‘Healthy’ Adhesive symbol represents our commitment to making cleaner, less toxic products as a popular alternative to harmful compounds like dichloromethane. We’ve picked out some of our most popular products with the ‘Healthy’ Adhesive symbol, using solutions that avoid the use of toxic or carcinogenic elements:

  • Gekko G57 High Performance Tackifier Adhesive: Looking for maximum strength with minimum health concerns? If so, the Gekko G57 is a natural choice. This product provides a permanently tacky film of adhesive which prevents the likes of carpets and tiles from moving when in place, but still allows the lifting of tiles if needed. This fast, easy-to-use solution is odourless and accurate in its application and is one of our most popular products displaying the ‘Healthy’ Adhesive symbol.

  • Gekko G56 High Grab Non-Mecl Contact Adhesive: Quin Global’s Innovation Department is passionate about manufacturing non-chlorinated adhesive solutions, and Gekko is delighted to have achieved that with the G56. Suitable for a variety of substrates, this high-strength product offers 15 percent extra coverage compared to other products on the market. 

  • Gekko G10 Non-Flam / Non-Flam Non-Mecl Contact Adhesive: Not only does the G10 display Gekko’s ‘Healthy’ Adhesive label – it also features top-class specs, including the ZERO-FLAM Technology™ label. Indeed, whilst this non-chlorinated solution is non-flammable propellant and non-flammable adhesive, it offers an impressive flash-off time of 1-2 minutes. 

Our range of ‘Healthy’ Adhesives don’t end there. Click here to browse our full range of products which display the symbol!

Look After Yourself with Gekko

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