Canister vs. Traditional Application: The Gekko Advantage

Here at Gekko, we’ve got a mission to complete. We’re committed to changing the mindsets of flooring contractors, pioneering innovative systems that get the job done better and get you home faster – it’s that simple. The Gekko Team has picked out some of the key advantages of canister-based spray adhesive over traditional methods such as roll-on. Keep reading to learn why you should make the swap to spray!

Our customers are masters at what they do. Whether you’re walking through a public building or your own home, you can guarantee a flooring contractor has played a role in making it happen. However, even masters can change their approaches when something better comes along. Spray adhesives represent the future of bonding, and it helps to point out where some of the traditional methods go wrong…

  • Brush/Trowel: When it comes to adhesive application, this is as old school as it gets. But that’s not always a good thing. In many cases, you can end up with areas that have a thicker coating of adhesive than others. This means using more adhesive than what you really have to on a job. Another huge disadvantage is that not all adhesives can be applied without using a brush or trowel. Who needs the waste, who needs those limitations – who needs the uneven job?

  • Roll-On: Ahhh, the roll on adhesive applicator. Whilst it’s been a friend to the contractor for generations, it’s also a significant source of after-work body aches. Roll-on applicators aren’t the most ergonomic of tools, after all. Beyond these disadvantages, your application surface must be smooth and flat – even the slightest bump can really impact your bonding job.

So there we have it: uneven spreads; huge cleanup jobs, compromised finishes and even muscle pains. Here at Gekko, we know that you’ve simply got more to worry about. So – why swap to spray?

Why Make the Swap to Spray?

Traditional adhesive application is getting old. Gekko’s canister-based range of spray flooring solutions pledge to dodge many of the cons listed above. There’s so many reasons why you should make the swap to our spray adhesives:

  • Ultimate productivity: When we say our adhesives offer ultimate productivity, we mean it. Our canister-based systems spray a level amount of adhesive over a surface to save you significant chunks of time. When you choose Gekko, you fit faster. Easy!

  • Ultimate versatility: A huge benefit of our canister-based spray system? It’s versatility. The Gekko Gun and Nozzle system can be easily adapted to control the spread of your spray, meaning it can be used for a multitude of bonding tasks. Furthermore, it is compatible with a huge range of adhesives – if you’ve got the job, we’ve got the adhesive.

  • Ultimate efficiency: Yes – our adhesives get the job done faster and let you get home sooner. But the efficiency benefits don’t end there. The Gekko System administers adhesive equally across a surface, meaning that you avoid wasting valuable adhesive. After all, who can be bothered with wastage?

Every day, Gekko Adhesives are changing mindsets. We’re making contractors’ lives easier with a range of products that are made with their welfare in mind. To learn more about the benefits of spray-based adhesives over traditional application methods, please get in touch with a member of our sales team and read more about our brand here

Choose Smarter, Fit Faster with Gekko Spray Adhesive

Interested in swapping to spray? We knew it. Get in touch with the Gekko team today via 0845 381 2233 (UK) or email us for sales & technical enquiries on Alternatively, find your nearest stockist here!

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