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When you choose Gekko Adhesives, you choose smarter. We’re more than an adhesives manufacturer: we champion innovative approaches to the work we do, using the latest in adhesives engineering to transform the lives of our customers. But what makes our adhesives so smart?

The answer is simple: experience and expertise. Our products have been designed and manufactured by the experts at Quin Global, who are recognised as being at the cutting edge of this industry. All of Gekko’s smart adhesives are engineered in-house and on-site, receiving the official seal of approval from the company’s world-leading research & development team. When we say smart, we mean smart.

What Makes Our Adhesives Smart?

So, what goes into the adhesives that make Gekko products so special? We’ve picked out some of our product specifications that highlight our commitment to the end user. Each of these specifications have been carefully engineered to improve the work of the thousands of contractors & distributors we’re proud to call customers…

  • ‘Healthy’ Adhesive: Contractors face a multitude of workplace hazards. Here at Gekko, we firmly believe that the last thing our customers should worry about is toxic or carcinogenic ingredients. We’re demonstrating our commitment to healthier adhesives with the ‘Healthy Adhesive’ symbol, which confirms that this product has received approval from our Innovation Dept, who work behind the scenes to create non-chlorinated products and reduce the Volatile Organic Compound (V.O.C.)

  • ZERO-FLAM TechnologyTM: ZERO-FLAM TechnologyTM has been tested and verified independently and exceeds all current industry standards for flame projection control performance. Combined with our fortified high-performance polymers with a dual-component formula, you’ll enjoy high-speed spray application like never before.

  • CO-REZ TechnologyTM: CO-REZ TechnologyTM is an exceptional formulation development which incorporates a highly engineered resin and gas matrix in its solution. In simple terms, this results in more ‘glue-less’ gas. This equates to 15 percent extra coverage per unit. There’s nothing else quite like this on this market, and we’re proud to serve our customers with it.

Staying Smart With Gekko Adhesives

Yes – our adhesives are packed with smart qualities that prioritise your time, your job and your physical health. However, the smart benefits of our products don’t end there:

  • Call on us: We support our customers every day with a technical backup offering that is unrivalled. Our team is on hand to support you throughout each stage of your bonding task; from product choice and ordering through to application instructions and after-sales support. Here at Gekko, we’re the contractor’s friend.

  • Write to us: On the job? Don’t have time to talk? Don’t sweat it. You can access Gekko’s support team in whatever is convenient to you, including email or our various social media channels (Facebook and LinkedIn).

  • Live demos: Sometimes the best way of selecting an adhesive system is by watching it in action. We’re proud to offer each and every one of our customers a live demonstration service, meaning you can watch our systems in action from a remote location.

  • Go pro: We’re more than a supplier. We’re a leader and a trainer in world-leading adhesive solutions. Customers are invited to visit our laboratory or training centre. Alternatively, our experts can come to your business premises to show you in person. 

Choose Smarter, Fit Faster with Gekko. To find out more about our product specifications, browse our full range or discover all of our benefits in our official advice & support page.

Choose Smarter, Fit Faster with Gekko Spray Adhesive

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