Sticky Business: What Gekko Adhesives Do

When you see the Gekko trademark, you know it’s more than glue. When you choose our range of adhesives, you choose smarter – letting you fit faster and get home sooner. We’re making contractors’ lives easier with a range of specially-engineered products that offer more than your standard glue. 

Unlike many adhesive suppliers, we’ve got a solution for every bonding job out there, including floor coverings & wall coverings. What’s more, we’re proud to have designed all of these products ourselves. Adhesives are what Gekko do best, and our canister-based products will change how you work. After all, why should jobs take longer than they have to?

The Gekko System

Forget messy jobs and wasted time. Gekko’s canister-based system are proof that spray adhesives are the future. The Gekko Canister is made up from 3 key elements: the valve, the dip tube and the adhesive & gas mixture.

  • The Valve: The valve controls the flow of adhesive from the canister. The valve is where the hose and gun are connected.

  • The Dip Tube: Here at Gekko, we oppose wastage. Our Dip Tube is engineered to reach deep into the canister so that the optimum amount of adhesive is expelled. 

  • The Adhesive & Gas Mixture: This is where the science comes in. Gekko Adhesives are engineered with care and precision to be the very best in the world. Pressurised gas is designed to propel the adhesive out of the system safely & accurately. 

It’s true. At Gekko Adhesives, we make more than just adhesive. We make tools that help create permanent bonds quickly and safely, making the jobs of contractors easier, one job at a time.

The Gekko Gun

Some say spraying can’t be fun. We say otherwise. The Gekko Gun has used years of industry-informed expertise to develop a gun that is ultra-safe, ultra-accurate and ultra-ergonomic. 

The Nozzle

Our kit works around you. Gekko’s changeable nozzles are designed to optimise spraying performance (subject to adhesive type).

  • The Hose Connection: Sturdy and secure, our hose connection won’t let you down or cause a mess. This attachment point connects the gun safely to the canister via the durable hose. 

  • The Trigger: When it comes to bonding jobs, it doesn’t get much easier with The Trigger on the Gekko Gun. Just pull the trigger and out comes the adhesive. Simple!

  • The Wheel: When you choose Gekko Adhesives, you know that you’re in control. Our acutely-engineered wheel is used to control the flow of adhesive dispersed from the gun. 

Interested in trying a new bonding solution? Got a tight time frame? Leave it to us. Gekko Adhesives offers the range of adhesives you need, no matter the job. View our full range of products here!

Choose Smarter, Fit Faster with Gekko Spray Adhesive

Interested in learning more about Gekko and the advantages of spray flooring adhesives? Get in touch with the Gekko team today via 0845 381 2233 (UK) or email us for sales & technical enquiries on Alternatively, find your nearest stockist here.

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