Gekko Advice: How to Setup Safely & Effectively

When you see the Gekko name, you know you’ve invested in strength and tenacity. Our adhesives offer the sticking power you need to walk away from the job with confidence – and our canister-based spray adhesives offer the features you need to get it done quickly. To keep our customers safe on the job, we’ve highlighted some tips on using your Gekko spray adhesive safely and effectively. Check it out!

You’ve ditched the roller and the brushes – congratulations! Now you’ve made the swap to our spray-based adhesives, you can start waving goodbye to those after-work aches that are commonly associated with constant bending and kneeling. But how can you use our products in a way which is both efficient and safe?

Setup for Safe & Efficient Application with Gekko

When it comes to bonding jobs, it doesn’t get any easier with Gekko’s range of adhesive solutions. Whilst many are making the swap to spray, others are just making the transition. For those newcomers, keep reading to learn how you can set up for safe & efficient application with Gekko…

Before You Begin

Before you begin your bonding job, it is absolutely critical that you take a number of precautionary measures. 

It is imperative that you identify the type of spray pattern that will be released from the Gekko spray canister. If this step isn’t taken, you can end up with an improper application and a result which is far from what you desire.

Wondering how you make this identification? It’s simple: all you have to do is check the label!

Steps for Safe Setup

  • Step One: Once you’ve identified the type of spray pattern that will be released from your Gekko spray canister, it’s time to screw the larger hose nut to the gun thread. Fully tighten the screw with a spanner before ensuring that the hose is securely attached.

  • Step Two: Once your hose is securely attached, you must screw the smaller hose nut to the canister (clockwise). Again, ensure this is screwed tight by using a spanner. Double check that the hose is securely attached. 

  • Step Three: After Step Two is complete, turn the canister valve anti-clockwise until fully open. Check connections for leaks, and if any do occur, make sure that you tighten all connections. At this point, it is crucial that you do not turn the canister valve off until the canister is empty so that adhesive doesn’t cure in the hose and gun.

  • Step Four: Your hose and gun may require a purge if you’re using the system for the first time, or if a canister has been left standing for over 12 hours. To purge your hose and gun, pull the trigger and adjust flow by turning the adjustment screw at the back of the gun – anticlockwise to open, clockwise to close). Keep repeating this until you can see a consistent spray pattern.

We made a short video demonstrating all the steps you need to take – watch it here!

Choose Smarter, Fit Faster with Gekko Spray Adhesive

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