It’s Getting Cold Out There: Protect Your Gekko Adhesives!

Gekko is proud to be a leading supplier of adhesives that work smarter, act healthier and dry faster. But we’re much more than that. We’re friends to the thousands of contractors around the world who use our bonding solutions all-year-round. As the nights darken and temperatures plummet, the Gekko team has highlighted some top tips on keeping your adhesives warm, dry & protected this winter. Check it out!

Adhesive solutions are generally affected by lower temperatures, which can damage the integrity of the project over a prolonged period. Throughout the winter season there are a number of steps you can take to protect your product and the bonds it creates, making sure you don’t run into any unexpected costs as we enter the new year. 

‘Tis the Season to Protect Your Adhesive

Bond protection requires a little bit of TLC in lower temperatures, and it helps to start by looking at your canister system and how you are actually storing it. If your Gekko Adhesive product rests at a low temperature for a prolonged period of time, you’ll notice those classic signs that it’s a little too cold out there for your adhesive:

  1. The adhesive will be unusually wet when sprayed
  2. The nozzle of the Gekko Gun will leak with drops of adhesive

These are normally the first tell-tale signs, and contractors normally spot these two giveaways if they have left their Gekko Adhesives overnight in freezing temperatures. However, there are a number of observations a contractor can make which highlight the impact of cold storage on adhesives:

  • A general change in the appearance of the solution;
  • Longer flash-off times than usual;
  • The adhesive solution will be foamy;
  • Materials are leaking from the solution;
  • Adhesive ‘spits’ out, as opposed to a smooth spray; and 
  • The adhesive will be significantly thicker than before. 

So, how can our customers protect their Gekko products in lower climates? 

Look After Your Gekko Gun

The Gekko Gun will be one of the first elements of the canister system to be impacted by lower temperatures. With this in mind, our customers should take extra care during handling and storage. 

When it comes to protecting your Gekko Gun, you should start by surveying the Gun and the Nozzle for any drips or leaks, as these are highly common occurrences when stored in freezing temperatures. If you do spot these signs, the cold is the culprit.

As a first step, Gekko recommends storing all canisters and adhesives products off the factory floor, as this tends to be the coldest space within any storage facility. It is also worth noting that heat rises, meaning that your adhesive’s temperature will be generally higher than if left on the floor. 

Raise the Temperature

This piece of advice is a no-brainer! When you raise the temperature of your storage environment, you raise the temperature of your adhesive. Indeed, there are a few ways around this that don’t involve huge costs around installing boilers and heaters.

It doesn’t even have to be freezing out to have an impact. In fact, storing your Gekko Adhesives in any environment with a temperature below 6 degrees celsius can damage the product as a whole. Whilst installing heaters is an obvious benefit, this investment is not always feasible.

In the majority of cases, we recommend installing heater belts, which act as effective thermal covers for your canister system. By encasing your canisters with heater belts, you can ensure that your Gekko Adhesive is stored at a constant temperature (please note that heater belts require connection to a power supply). 

If industrial boilers and heater belts aren’t your thing, there is a quick-fix method of protecting your adhesives in colder climates. If you have no choice but to store your Gekko Adhesive canister in colder conditions, you can raise its temperature by placing it inside a bucket of warm water for 15 minutes. Before you begin your bonding job, make sure you gently agitate the canister by rocking it back and forth on its base shoulder. 

Check out this video from the experts at Quin Global, highlighting some key advice around winter canister care! 


Gekko’s Got Your Back, Even When it’s Freezing 

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