FAQs: Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Gekko

New to Gekko?  Maybe you’ve been using our products for a while and would like to find out more about even more flooring applications, or even the safety of Gekko products?  Whatever your question about Gekko, you’re in the right place – here are some of our most frequently asked questions!

If you can’t find an answer here, our experienced team will be more than happy to help – get in touch by emailing sales@gekko-adhesives.com.


What is Gekko?

Gekko Adhesives is a brand of Quin Global Ltd.  We’re based in Perth, Scotland and we specialise in expertly engineered, self-contained pressurised adhesive systems for bonding floor & wall coverings. 


What’s the benefit of spray flooring adhesive?

Spray flooring adhesives offer a more efficient alternative to conventional bucket and roller applications.  Using a spray system allows you to work more quickly, with less waste and less strain on your body.  Our spray canisters and nozzles are designed to deliver the optimal spray pattern and density for your specific flooring application, ensuring superior bond integrity.


What types of adhesives do Gekko sell?

Gekko offers a range of adhesives suitable for a variety of flooring applications.  These include tackifiers, contact adhesives and specialist products for hygienic wall cladding, textile floorcoverings, underlay, PVC flooring profiles, linoleum, rubber, marmoleum and vinyl.


How can I find out which Gekko adhesive is best for my job?

Our products have been tested for effectiveness and bond integrity on a wide range of materials.  The Gekko brochure contains a handy, at-a-glance guide enabling you to see which Gekko adhesives are compatible with your chosen flooring application and substrate.  Alternatively, contact sales@gekko-adhesives.com and a member of our knowledgeable team will be happy to advise.


Where can I buy Gekko adhesives?

Gekko products are available from distributors across the UK and Ireland.  To find your nearest stockist, click here.  


How do I set up my Gekko canister?

Setting your Gekko canister up is quick and easy.  Simply:

  • Attach the hose to the gun using the larger nut (you’ll need a spanner)
  • Then attach the hose to the canister using the smaller nut
  • Turn the canister valve anti-clockwise until fully open
  • Check for leaks and tighten connections if needed

You can find a video showing correct canister setup here.


What’s the right spray pattern for my Gekko adhesive?

Selecting the right spray pattern is vital for bond integrity and preventing overspray.  You can find the correct pattern for your chosen adhesive printed on the label.  If in doubt, contact our customer support team for advice!


How do I adjust the spray gun?

Your Gekko spray gun can be adjusted using the thumb screw behind the trigger to adjust the spray width.  You can also remove and change the tip depending on the required spray pattern, or lock the gun when not in use.


How should I maintain my Gekko canister?

If maintained and stored properly, your Gekko canister will be good to use until it’s empty.  DO NOT turn the canister off once opened, otherwise adhesive will cure inside the hose and gun.  You should also clean any drips, overspray or dried adhesive from the spray gun tip using the appropriate Gekko cleaner and a wire brush – both available from your local stockist.


How should I store my Gekko canister?

Your Gekko adhesive canister should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and protected from extremes of heat and cold.  You should NEVER allow your Gekko adhesive to freeze.  For winter storage, it’s best to keep your canisters in a heated room but if this isn’t possible, then we recommend elevating your canisters from floor level using a pallet or rack, and insulating them appropriately using thermal covers.


My adhesive seems really wet / is foamy – what’s wrong?

If you notice a change in the consistency of your adhesive, it’s likely that cold conditions are to blame.  Temperatures lower than 6°C can affect your adhesive, causing it to drip, splutter, foam or spray unevenly.  To restore your adhesive to its normal consistency, warm it up by leaving in a heated environment for 24 hours OR submerge the canister in a bucket of warm (not hot) water for about 15 minutes.  Gently agitate the canister to mix the adhesive before use.


How do I prevent overspray?

Using the correct nozzle for your adhesive is essential to prevent overspray – check the label to make sure you’re using the right tip and spray pattern for your product.  You’ll also see guidance on the correct spray distance – holding the tip too close to the substrate can result in puddling, while holding it too far away can result in overspray landing on unwanted areas.  Spray angle also affects overspray – generally an angle between 45° and 90° is optimal.


How can I remove overspray?

Any overspray from your Gekko adhesive is best removed using one of our proprietary adhesive cleaners – G92 or G93.


What is DCM-free?

Our DCM-free adhesives are free from dichloromethane, a chlorine-based solvent.  As well as being a suspected carcinogen, dichloromethane is linked to a range of health problems including skin, eye and respiratory irritation.  We continue to innovate for the removal of DCM from our adhesive products so that Gekko customers can enjoy a safer working experience without compromising on performance.


What’s the best Gekko adhesive for PVC?

The Gekko G42 High Grab PU Contact Adhesive has been specifically developed for PVC profiles.  It offers a lifetime guaranteed against bond failure caused by plasticizer migration – the most common reason for PVC bond failures. 


What’s the best Gekko adhesive for marine flooring?

Gekko’s G53 IMO Marine Contact Adhesive is IMO Wheelmark approved for marine installations and designed for demanding environments where salt or fresh water, vibrations and movement are a factor.


Does the Gekko trolley come with the canister?

No, but our canister trollies are available to purchase from all Gekko canister stockists.


What’s a Kick-Off Kit?

Our Kick-Off Kits are supplied FREE with your first canister purchase and contain everything you need to complete a successful Gekko application, including a hose, gun and spray tip, a 75mm roller and a Quin branded football!  They’re available from most Gekko stockists, or by registering here.


What is Gekko Fast22?

Gekko Fast22 is a distributor program designed to make it simple for distributors and Gekko customers to get their hands on our canister adhesives, fast!  As a Gekko Fast22 distributor, you can order canisters by 11am one day and receive them by priority courier the following day.  You’ll also receive signage and promotional materials to help you sell more Gekko products.  Find out more here.


If you have any further queries about Gekko adhesives, or if you’re interested in becoming a Gekko distributor, we’d love to hear from you!  

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