What is Gekko Fast22?

Flooring contractors are busy people.  Since they’re often fitting in around other trades and working to tight deadlines, speed really matters. 

At Gekko, we do all we can to help. Our spray canisters have been proven over and over to save flooring professionals time and money, with faster application, safer and more comfortable working, and speedy flash-off times – so they can get in, get the job done, and move on to the next task.

But as well as being able to complete jobs quickly on site, flooring contractors need to be able to get hold of their preferred adhesives quickly and easily – sometimes at short notice.  

For canister adhesives this can present a challenge, because even though we’ve got a large and growing network of distributors, they sometimes struggle to hold stock due to storage space constraints.  Instead, they order stock on demand – but when faced with a lead time of several days, many contractors will reach for an inferior adhesive product, simply because it’s in stock there and then.


Next day, guaranteed

Well not any more!  With the launch of the Gekko Fast22 programme, we’re putting an end to lengthy lead times on canister adhesives and making it possible for customers to get hold of their favourite Gekko canisters next day!

As a Gekko Fast22 distributor, you can order any Gekko canister by 11am one day – and have it delivered by courier the next, guaranteed.

For you, this means no more storage and stock headaches – we take care of everything so you can build your Gekko sales without risk or hassle.  For the customer, it means they can get hold of exactly what they want, exactly when they need it – no more annoying lead times, and no making do with bucket adhesives just because they’re there.  

Gekko Fast22 is designed to help you boost sales, and grow your reputation for understanding and meeting the needs of flooring professionals in an increasingly fast-paced sector.


To find out more about the programme or to sign up and receive your exclusive Gekko Fast22 promo pack, get in touch today!