Enjoy 15% Extra Coverage with CO-REZ™ Technology

Here at Gekko, we’re taking our passion for smart adhesives to the next level with the development of CO-REZ Technology™, which can be seen labelled across all of our canister-based products. Indeed, this continued innovation means that our adhesives don’t just look after your health. They get the job done quicker & you home faster with an impressive 15% extra coverage!

The development of CO-REZ Technology™ and its implementation across a number of our adhesives pledges to make lives easier for the many contractors around the world that Gekko is proud to call customers. But what does CO-REZ Technology™ mean for the adhesives industry, and how can it help you choose smarter & fit faster?

Whilst the science supporting the tech is highly complex, its implications can be explained relatively simply. CO-REZ Technology™ represents an exceptional formulation development incorporating a highly engineered resin and gas matrix – a significant advancement in research and development pioneered by the laboratories of Quin Global.

This forward-thinking approach to resin and gas engineering offers a number of significant benefits for the end user, all made possible by providing more adhesive and less gas! More adhesive, less gas means an increase of up to 15% extra coverage per unit coupled with a 2-3 kilogram decrease in weight per canister system! When we say our adhesives are smarter, we mean it. 

Ultimate Coverage with a Lightweight Adhesive

  • How it works: Developed with the primary objective of making our customers’ lives easier, CO-REZ™ Technology incorporates a highly advanced formulation process to enhance adhesive performance & user experience. 
  • How it helps workers: Like many of Gekko Adhesive’s solutions, CO-REZ Technology™ has been rigorously tested and developed to fulfil the demanding Health & Safety law requirements in relation to lifting heavy items due to its light-weight design.
  • How it helps with bonding: When it comes to actually getting the job done, we guarantee you’ll notice a difference with CO-REZ Technology. Indeed, you can enjoy up to 25% extra coverage per unit together with a 2-3 kilogram decrease in weight per canister system! It is proven to meet standards for high performance bonding of laminates, decorative finishes and many other demanding contact adhesive applications.  

You can experience an entirely new outlook on maximising efficiency through the superior coverage delivered by this exclusive technology. When we say CO-REZ Technology will transform your manufacturing processes, we mean it. 

Greater Coverage, Less Weight with Gekko Adhesives 

Gekko is transforming the definition of adhesives, pioneering research and development to make life easier for thousands of contractors around the world. If you have any additional questions about any of our products, please get in touch with our sales where a member of our team will be happy to assist.