6 Reasons to Swap to Spray in 2021

Here at Gekko Adhesives, we’ve been on a major mission throughout the course of this year. We’re committed to transforming mindsets in contractors around the world, persuading them to ditch that rusty roll-on for one of our forward-thinking, canister-based systems. If you haven’t already, there’s so many reasons why you should make the move to spray in 2021. Here’s just a few of them!

  1. We Provide Versatility: No matter the bonding job you’re doing, Gekko Adhesives provide the spray-based system you need to get the job done properly and at a rapid pace. From carpets, carpet tiles, underlay and LVT through to VCT and vinyls, we’ve got an industry-leading solution at a competitive price.
  1. We Provide Authority: When it comes to sealing permanent, super-strong bonds, it pays to work with an adhesive supplier who knows what they’re doing. Here at Gekko, we’re proud to draw on over 50 years of experience in technical adhesives, channeling Quin Global’s passion for research, development and continued innovation into our own range of spray products.
  1. We’re Easy to Use: Many of our customers experience back pain and repetitive strain injuries before making the swap to our canister-based adhesives. Forget constant kneeling down, standing up and bending over – our solution is ultra ergonomic, helping you finally wave goodbye to those after-work aches. What’s more, our CO-REZ Technology means you can enjoy up to 25% more spray coverage with less weight per canister container.
  1. We Clear the Mess: Our spray-based systems are among the most ergonomic and accurate on the market. However, accidents do happen – even with Gekko products. However, we’ve got the spray solution you need should things ever go wrong with your bonding job. We offer a range of spray solvent cleaners to clear up those messy jobs – just don’t blame it on the rookie!
  1. We Provide a Healthier Alternative: Gekko is the contractor’s friend. Health & safety are our core priorities, facilitating safer, more comfortable work through cutting edge design and an undying commitment to research and innovation.  The “Healthy” Adhesive symbol on several Gekko products shows that they have been through our Innovation Department, where improvements and refinements have been made to create non-chlorinated products and reduce the Volatile Organic Compound (V.O.C.) 
  1. We’re Creating Safer Worksites: Contractors and construction workers face increased levels of risk in the workplace; including incidents arising out of equipment failure, falls and workplace fires. Gekko’s ZERO-FLAM Technology™ has been independently tested and proven to exceed all industry standards for flame projection control performance. Combined with its fortified high-performance polymers & dual-component formula, you’ll notice your productivity even increase further.

Working with adhesives shouldn’t get you into a sticky situation. Wave goodbye to afterwork aches and unnecessary risks with our super-ergonomic range of spray-based canister adhesives. Contact our sales team or find your nearest distributor to make life a little bit easier in 2021.

Go with Gekko in 2021

When you choose Gekko, you Choose Smarter & Fit Faster. If you have any additional questions about any of our products, please get in touch with our sales where a member of our team will be happy to assist.

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