Adhesive Innovation from Gekko: ZERO-FLAM Technology

There’s lots of reasons to trust in our formula: it’s quick-drying, offers a rapid tack-off time and provides ultimate ease of installation. However, we offer more than just convenience. We offer a level of safety and user protection that is unrivalled, protecting thousands of customers around the world from the risks on on-site fires.

It is no secret that the construction industry can be fraught with risks, with the sector accounting for a disproportionately high levels of accidents, including equipment failures and 

falls. Unfortunately the same can be said for workplace fires and burning incidents, many of which are caused by combustion between chemicals.

Here at Gekko, we realise that the thousands of contractors we’re proud to call customers have a lot more to worry about than the contents of their adhesives. We’re driving positive change across construction and several other industries to provide our customers with adhesive solutions that significantly reduce the risk of fire and burning incidents on-the-job. 

Strong, Safe, Flame-Repelling Bonds

Contractors normally work within multidisciplinary environments, with work normally proceeding at a rapid pace. This means that the last thing they should worry about is a fire or burning incident in their workshop or construction site – occurrences which can threaten lives and damage stock, building and more. After all, an uncontrollable blaze can be enough to end a project permanently. 

The experts at Quin Global have pioneered a solution to this issue with ZERO-FLAM technology. Thanks to the technology’s unique propellant system of non-flammable gases, users of our adhesives will benefit from a 100% flame-resistant canister adhesive system. In addition, users of our canister-based system will enjoy unparalleled spray performance which has only been made possible using ZERO-FLAM.

It’s the hottest product on the market. ZERO-FLAM technology has been put through several stages of rigorous testing at the laboratories of Quin Global and has been consistently proven to exceed all industry standards for flame projection and control performance.  The formula combines fortified high-performance polymers with the dual component formula, helping you avail of increased productivity and a more accurate and high-speed spray application than ever. 

We’re proud to stand with our customers in the fight against workplace fire hazards, especially in sectors like woodworking, foam and insulation where the issue continues to be prevalent. 

Facilitating a Fire-Free Workplace, recommends the following advice to reduce the risk of fires and burning incidents in the contractor’s workplace:

  • Fix or replace power cords that are frayed, cracked, or otherwise not in great condition 
  • Secure all electrical connections tightly
  • Be cautious of other potential sources of ignition like such as water heaters, furnaces, portable heaters, and electric fans
  • Buy a heat detector
  • Install a sprinkler system

Stick Safely with Gekko 

Need help finding the perfect non-flammable adhesive? Gekko’s got your back. Just get in touch with our sales team via or by calling us on 0845 381 2233. Alternatively, view our full range of adhesives here!

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