Behind the Scenes: Sola Bramley

You might have noticed that here at Gekko, we’re passionate about adhesive innovations and performance.  There’s literally nothing we love more than talking about bond strength, formulations and application systems, and we get super excited about NPD because we’re committed to staying ahead of the game. 

But the truth is, that all the exciting stuff we do at Gekko couldn’t happen if it wasn’t for our compliance team, of which Sola Bramley is a valued member.  Without Sola and her colleagues, our products would never make it to market, because they wouldn’t meet all the strict standards on data, labels and packaging needed to make sure our customers can use Gekko easily and safely.  We caught up with Sola to find out more about her vital role…


Hi Sola!  Tell us a little bit about your responsibilities at Gekko: 

Hi!  My role at Quin Global is Compliance and Innovation Manager and I’ve been in this job for over two years now.  My key responsibility is to make sure all Gekko safety data sheets, labels, and packaging are fully compliant with regulatory requirements so that our products can be safely sold, distributed and used throughout the UK and Europe.

What’s your professional background? 

My previous employment was within the chemicals industry and involved taking care of all product labels and packaging and keeping up to date with all regulatory requirements. I was able to transfer valuable skills and knowledge from that role to my position here at Quin Global.

What do you enjoy most about working at Gekko?

I enjoy the positivity and the enthusiasm of the team. The Gekko team are a fabulous bunch and an absolute pleasure to work with. 

What part of your job is the most challenging?

I would say keeping on top of regulations.  The past two years have been extremely challenging due to Brexit, especially with so much uncertainty in the lead up to that. Luckily, I love challenges!

What’s your favourite Gekko product and why?

I would definitely say the Gekko G67 Water-based Tackifier.  G67 is suited to larger jobs and provides a permanent tacky film of adhesive with a fast open time and a quick drying time. The great thing about this product is that it poses a lower risk to health and the environment compared to other adhesives.

Away from work, how do you relax? 

Away from work I am a football mum, a dance mum, and a mum taxi.  I do occasionally sneak a spa day in with friends though!

What’s your hidden talent?

Making strawberry pavlovas.

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