Gekko Adhesives: A Prime choice for Amazon

Rightly or wrongly, there’s one big business that springs to mind when we talk about Black Friday sales – and that’s Amazon.

Famous for its jaw-dropping seasonal sales, November and December are Amazon’s busiest months. So when one of its UK mega warehouses needed a refurb, the pressure was on to get the work completed in advance of the Black Friday rush – and what better flooring solution for the job than Gekko?

When the team at GH Harding Flooring got the call that a local Amazon warehouse needed a complete flooring refurb – and fast – they knew exactly what products to reach for.  The client had specified a mixture of ultra-hardwearing PVC floorcoverings and skirtings alongside a durable loop pile carpet to bring additional comfort and improve acoustics in key areas of the building.

Since speed was of the essence, Gekko’s G57 surface tackifier was used for the carpet installation, delivering a permanently tacky yet repositionable adhesive spray with a flash-off time of just 2 minutes – ideal for getting large areas completed quickly and with no need for fitters to spend hours on their hands and knees – simply spray, lay and walk away!

For the PVC flooring profiles there was only one choice: Gekko’s hero product, the G42 High Grab PU Contact Adhesive, which offers a lifetime guarantee against bond failure caused by plasticizer migration.  The G42 was developed specifically to cope with the demands of laying PVC flooring profiles, including stair treads and risers – and in this case, PVC skirting that offers superior hygiene and protection for high-traffic spaces.  Suitable for single and double-sided application, this market-leading adhesive is waterproof and heat resistant, and flashes off in just five minutes for super-fast, convenient application, plus 1400 linear metres of coverage from every 22 litre-canister – the kind of efficiency the folks at Amazon just love!

The final piece of the puzzle on this job was our G52 contact adhesive, which was used for precision finishing of all joins and doorways, creating a fast and reliable bond designed to withstand many years of robust usage – the G52 flashes off in just two minutes making it ideal for intricate work or vertical applications where you need strong hold, fast.

A spokesperson for GH Harding said:  “Speed was of the essence for this project and Gekko adhesives helped support that objective.  Using the G57 tackifier allowed us to achieve an extremely fast turnaround on the carpeting aspects of the job, with no waiting times, while the G42 helped us to ensure a safe, clean and strong finish on the PVC flooring and skirting, delivering total performance and peace of mind for the client.  The G52 allowed us to complete phases throughout the project with ease – all in all, making our job quicker and simpler, and exceeding the customer’s expectations.”

And all in time for Black Friday!  To find out more about how Gekko Adhesives could help your business achieve better results, reduce strain on fitters and exceed customer expectations, get in touch!

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