5 reasons to become a Gekko distributor


Commercial flooring is a pretty demanding industry. The onus is on contractors to deliver jobs fast and at scale without compromising on performance – which is why professional floor fitters need adhesives that work as hard as they do.

When you offer your customers high-quality products designed with their heavy workload in mind, they’ll reward you with years of loyalty – because when they find a product that outperforms the rest, they stick with it, literally!

Gekko adhesives are the smart choice when it comes to flooring.  Designed to work faster, safer and better, they boast cleverly engineered formulations and a smart spray delivery system that saves time, avoids waste and safeguards occupational health.  As a Gekko distributor, you’ll unlock a world of cutting-edge adhesive technology that enables your customers to lay without limits.  

Still not convinced?  Here are five more great reasons to join our growing distributor network!

1. All bases covered

From multi-purpose contact adhesives that can tackle a wide range of flooring jobs, through to super-fast surface tackifiers and specialist adhesives for marine or sporting installations, Gekko’s product range delivers superb versatility and choice.  Becoming a Gekko distributor can help you build your reputation as a comprehensive supplier of high-quality adhesives for virtually any application, while providing your flooring customers with access to advanced formulations that ease their concerns around respiratory health, environmental impact and long-term bond integrity. 


2. A responsible brand

At Gekko we take our responsibilities to people and the planet really seriously.  We’re not interested in churning out just any old adhesive that sticks – we’re committed to innovation so that we can produce adhesives that perform brilliantly while also being cleaner and safer than anything else on the market.  We’re working hard to eliminate dichloromethane and other VOCs from our products, developing water-based alternatives to conventional solvent-based formulations and reducing product wastage with our economical spray canister format.  As a Gekko distributor, you’ll demonstrate to your customers that their health – and the wellbeing of the planet – is your priority too.


3. Free kit to kick things off

We think Gekko’s performance speaks for itself – after all, there’s a reason we’re one of the fastest growing flooring adhesives in Europe.  But if your customer needs a little extra incentive to try Gekko for the first time, then we’ve got you covered with our awesome Quin Global Kick-Off Kits to get their Gekko journey off to a flying start.  Free to every customer with their first Gekko order, each kit contains a spray gun and nozzle specific to their chosen adhesive, a 4-metre hose, a 75mm roller and the thing everybody wants – a Quin Global football!


4. Excellence in after-sales

We want our distributors and end users to have ultimate confidence in Gekko, which is why we provide comprehensive customer support that can help you build your Gekko knowledge and ultimately, sell more adhesive!  

As a Gekko distributor you’ll have immediate access to our experienced technical team who can provide quick answers to any queries you or your customers may have.  We’re also happy to provide our distributors with free product samples as a tool to help customers make an informed purchase.


5. Support to sell more

At Gekko, we back ourselves – we know our products are a game-changer for flooring professionals and we’re not too shy to say it!  We’re focusing heavily on product marketing which makes it easier for our distributor network to sell more, and as a distributor, you’re free to share any of our marketing collateral or messaging via email, web or social media to boost your sales.  We’re also committed to promoting our distributor network so that customers can easily get hold of Gekko – you’ll get a free listing on our website, a new distributor profile on our blog and social media channels, and the opportunity to be tagged in any photos or videos we receive from your customers of Gekko in action.


It’s easy to become a Gekko distributor – simply get in touch today.

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