5 ways to beat back pain


If you work in flooring, you’re probably no stranger to back pain.  Long days spent bending, kneeling and crawling on all fours while fitting floors can wreak havoc on your posture, causing stiffness, pain and even musculoskeletal problems that can leave you laid up, off work and out of pocket.

At Gekko, we care about this stuff.  It matters to us that our adhesives work – not just in terms of flooring performance – but for real-world professionals facing real-world challenges.  We’re not interested in making the world’s greatest flooring adhesives if they end up causing health problems for the people that use them, which is why we’re on a mission to make our flooring adhesives some of the healthiest, easiest to use and most environmentally-friendly on the market.

Gekko is designed to maximise your comfort and occupational health.  Our long spray wand reduces or eliminates the need for bending or stretching, allowing you to maintain a more neutral posture – while the sheer speed of Gekko application means even fiddly jobs are done quicker, so you spend less time on the floor. While you’re here, check out some other tips for protecting your spine’s health and banishing back pain, so you can lay without limits:


Stretch yourself

You wouldn’t hit the gym without warming up first – so why tackle that flooring job without preparing your body?  Tight, tense muscles are far more prone to strain than loose, supple ones, so getting into the habit of stretching daily is a great way to prevent injury and ease niggling aches.  Ask your personal trainer or physio what you can do to counteract the strains of bending and kneeling a lot, or check YouTube for lots of useful yoga and mobility stretches to try at home.


Work on your core

The core muscles are deep abdominal and back muscles that act to stabilise the spine.  When they’re weak, they cause poor posture and can lead to other muscles overcompensating, resulting in pain.  Simple exercises like planks and leg raises can help strengthen your core and prevent back pain – but if you’re already experiencing problems, it’s best to seek professional advice first.


Wear knee pads

Newsflash: all the bones and muscles in your body are connected!  Neglecting your knees is a quick way to get back pain, fast – since knee pain quickly travels to the hips, the pelvis and then the lower back.  Always wear good quality knee protection when you’re working on all fours, and replace them when they get worn or uneven.  Your back will thank you for it!


Bend better

It’s impossible to avoid bending altogether when you work in flooring, so it’s vital to know the right way to bend to minimise the risk of injury or repetitive strain.  When bending, keep your knees shoulder width apart to distribute your weight evenly and try to bend from the knees and hips rather than the waist.  Avoid movements that require you to twist and bend – move your feet left or right rather than twisting your spine.


Health it up

Your overall mental and physical health is proven to impact on back pain, so it’s important to look after yourself.  Get enough sleep, lay off the beers, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly and try to eat a balanced diet as well as managing stress – all these things will help your body to recover better from the demands of daily flooring work.

For more information on Gekko and how it can make your flooring job easier, get in touch.

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