Meet the Team: Barry Schoonderbeek


Meeting the Gekko team virtually via our blog is all well and good, but there’s no substitute for face to face – and that’s why the recent Flooring Show in Harrogate was such an amazing experience!  We loved getting to meet our customers and as it turned out, our customers loved getting to meet one team member in particular – step forward, Barry Schoonderbeek!

With a background in carpentry and construction, Barry was an amazing asset to the Gekko stand and since he’s based in the Netherlands, the rest of the team enjoyed hanging out with him face to face as well.  We’re aware that not everybody had the pleasure though – so we cornered Barry for a quick chat before he flew home!


Hi Barry!  Tell us a bit about your journey with Gekko so far.

Hallo!  My role at Gekko is Customer Service Engineer – though I don’t only work for Gekko, I’m also involved with the Tensorgrip and QDEK brands at Quin Global so I guess you could call me a Quin allrounder!  My Quin journey actually started at a company named Belu B.V. back in January 2016.  They were a dealer of the TensorGrip brand, and I was employed in their warehouse and logistics department.  

In 2018 Quin Global took over Belu B.V. and we moved to a new office with a smaller warehouse because we were now shipping more and more goods directly from Quin’s UK warehouse.  At that point I was given responsibility for purchase orders, sales order processing and customer service. A year later we outsourced the warehousing and logistics for all canister and aerosol products, and that’s when I stepped into my current role.  If customers needed training in how to use our product I would go and visit them, or I would join a sales person to go to a new potential customer to demo our products. More recently I have joined the pre sales and innovation team where my role will be testing our adhesives on a range of substrates to ensure compatibility with pull and sheer testing.  I’m not fully into this role just yet, having just spent two weeks working with the testing equipment at our head office in Perth.  We expect to have this equipment here in the Netherlands by mid-October.


What’s your professional background?

I have quite a lot of relevant experience for my current role; I studied furniture and interior building and worked in this field for a couple of years. I’ve also worked as a prefab carpenter.  In both, I gained experience of using spray adhesives which has been really useful for me in my current role, especially at the Flooring Show where we had a lot of industry professionals watching our demonstrations!


What’s your favourite part of your job – and what’s the most challenging part?

I love the customer-facing aspect of my job.  It’s great to meet new people and be able to show them the advantages of Gekko in person.  The most challenging thing is learning all the different substrates and materials used in all the different markets we sell our adhesives to.  There’s a lot to remember!


Do you have a favourite Gekko product?

No – I like different products for different reasons! If I had to pick one I’d say the Gekko G67 for big field areas because of the speed and ease of use. On top of that it’s solvent free because it is a water-based product, and it has a non-flam propellant which makes it the safest adhesive to use in our range of products.


Away from work, how do you relax? 

I enjoy gardening with my partner – we landscaped our garden this year.  I’m into Krav Maga, which is a combat and self-defence sport – maybe this is not really relaxing, but it’s a great way to blow off some steam!  I also really love motorcycles, riding my own and also watching motorsports on TV.


What’s your hidden (or not so hidden) talent?

With all the positive feedback I am getting from the Flooring Show I guess my hidden talent is stealing the show!

You can connect with Barry on LinkedIn

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