Hero Squad: 4 game-changing Gekko products


Commercial flooring is a tough job.  If you’re still doing battle on the daily with bucket and roller adhesives, chances are you’re also dealing with drawbacks like slow flash-off times, mess and wastage.  Sound familiar?

Switching to Gekko spray flooring adhesives is a game-changer for flooring contractors.  

Simple application, faster flash-off and top-notch safety features make our adhesives the weapon of choice for 21st century flooring contractors.  Here’s a look at four Gekko’s hero products that are changing the face of contract flooring, one application at a time…


Smarter: The G10 Contact Adhesive

Uniquely engineered, the G10 contact adhesive offers powerful single- and double-sided bonding in a fast-drying format with a long open time.  The system comes with built-in ZERO-FLAM technology, featuring a 100% flame resistant canister, and non-flammable propellants that exceed industry standards on fire safety AND enable faster spray application with 10% extra coverage.  Add to this the fact that the G10 is DCM-free and it’s a no-brainer.

  • DCM-free
  • Fast & accurate


Stronger: The G42 Contact Adhesive 

Installing vinyl flooring in demanding environments requires an adhesive with real staying power.  Enter the Gekko G42, which comes with a LIFETIME guarantee against bond failure caused by plasticiser migration.

G42 is a high-grab PU contact adhesive specifically designed for use with PVC flooring profiles.  It’s 100% waterproof and heat resistant to 169°C, with a flash-off time of 4-5 five minutes making it an ideal choice for tricky jobs like treads and risers.  The G42 meets the sheer strength requirements set out under BS EN 14259, so once it’s dry, your flooring’s going nowhere.

  • Lifetime guarantee
  • 100% waterproof
  • Heat-resistant to 169°C


Faster:  The G57 Tackifier

Lay carpet tiles like a boss with the G57 surface tackifier, which is designed to make commercial flooring installations quicker and safer than ever before.  The G57 goes on effortlessly using our high-performance spray technology, delivering a permanently tacky, fully repositionable film that flashes off in under two minutes with no mess and no fuss.  The G57 is EC1 Plus certified for indoor air emissions, giving you total peace of mind on health and safety.

  • EC1Plus certified
  • Fast drying, accurate spray
  • Mess-free


Safer: The G67 Water-Based Surface Tackifier

It doesn’t get much cleaner than water-based, and when you choose the G67 for your next vinyl floor tile installation, you’ll discover powerful adhesive performance and ultimate safety in one!  This co-polymer adhesive formulation uses a non-flammable propellant to deliver a supremely uniform layer of permanently tacky, repositionable adhesive onto your substrate with no VOCs and an incredible 800m2 of coverage per 22-litre canister.

  • Water-based
  • Non-flammable
  • Permanently tacky
  • Repositionable


With Gekko, there’s no need to compromise on performance, convenience or safety – you can have it all, and lay without limits.  Sign up now to request your FREE samples!

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