Get Home Sooner This Summer with Gekko’s Fast-Drying Flooring Adhesives

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We’ve all heard the jokes about waiting on glue drying. However, there’s nothing funny about waiting around at work – especially when the weather outside’s a scorcher. This summer, Gekko is helping commercial flooring contractors flash-off faster, helping them ditch the tools and get home sooner. Beer garden, anyone?

With lockdown restrictions easing and temperatures throughout the UK & Ireland heating up, getting work finished on-schedule is a top priority for commercial flooring contractors. Summer 2021 will see flooring jobs filling up our customers’ diaries, which makes now the perfect time to invest in a solution that works faster and better than the rest. With weather like that, you’ll count your lucky stars you got your hands on Gekko Flooring Adhesives. 

Don’t Work Harder: Work Better

When you work with Gekko Flooring Adhesives, you don’t work harder – you work faster and better. We’ve taken time out to listen to our customers, sussing out those flooring challenges they face on a daily basis. When it comes to adhesives, contractors want:

    • A solution that covers a surface fast, letting them ditch the tools and get home quicker
    • An adhesive that’s quick to apply with minimal bending, kneeling & afterwork aches
    • A formula that is dries quickly, helping them wrap up the job sooner
    • A reliable supply with short lead times & rapid delivery to avoid unwanted delays

We’ve combined decades of adhesives experience to give commercial flooring contractors exactly what they need this summer season. If you haven’t made the swap to spray, now’s your day…

Discover Ultimate Speed & Performance This Summer

Forget standing waiting around on your adhesive to flash off. Gekko Flooring Adhesives are designed to maximise your time spent outside of work. Here’s just a few reasons why we’re the contractor’s favourite:

  • Fast Drying: Whether you’re working with our contact adhesives, tackifiers or aerosols, Gekko products have been engineered to act on their substrates rapidly, meaning commercial flooring contractors can flash-off faster. Whilst our adhesives boast a phenomenal drying time of 1-2 minutes, the longest you’ll ever wait on our adhesive flashing off is 5 minutes. 


  • Speedy Coverage: Forget slapping your adhesive on with a roller bucket & brush. We’re changing the game with a range of innovative spray patterns, designed to cover even more of your surface in each satisfying blast. Our wider spray coverage means you can spend less time applying your adhesive, with awesome products like G67 offering a whopping coverage of 800m2! 


  • Quick Application: Who needs all that bending, kneeling, sitting and standing? Not our customers. Fortunately, our super-ergonomic spray canister is as easy-to-use as it gets, meaning you can get the job done comfortably and faster as a result. 


  • Short Lead Time: Material shortages and barriers to the haulage industry have presented commercial flooring contractors with long and bothersome lead times. Where Gekko is the choice, contractors can expect some of the shortest lead times in the market (5 days).


Summer only comes around once a year. Don’t spend those sunny days waiting on your adhesives to work for you. Work 70 percent faster with Gekko Flooring Adhesives!

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