Doing a School Refurb? Get the Best Results in the Class Gekko Surface Tackifiers

School’s out for the summer! As we enter the summer season, thousands of schoolchildren will be taking a break from the classroom, meaning that classroom refurbishments will be at the top of the flooring agenda. We’re inviting contractors and educational bodies to master their classroom refurb with Gekko Surface Tackiers – check it out! 

It’s been a strange year for schools, colleges and universities throughout the UK. Whilst ongoing COVID-19 restrictions have transformed classroom sizes, schools will be enhancing their safety levels ahead of September with classroom refurbishments. Fortunately, Gekko provides an adhesive for any learning environment. Here’s a few reasons why we’re top of the class:

  • Fast flash-off time for minimal school disruption
  • Guaranteed product availability to get the job done
  • Expert advice from the teacher’s pets at Gekko
  • 5 day lead time to get back to class on-schedule

Join the Top of the Class with Gekko Surface Tackifiers

There’s lots of reasons to bond with Gekko – especially where classrooms and schools are concerned. We’ve done our homework on adhesives, meaning you can trust in Gekko Surface Tackifiers to refurb your school’s flooring the right way:

  • Gekko G11 Surface Tackifier: It doesn’t get any safer than this smarter, cleaner surface tackifier. This top-notch product comes fully equipped with our celebrated ZERO-FLAM™ Technology, combining a non-flammable propellant with a non-flammable adhesive, drastically reducing the chance of chemical combustion during your school refurb job. Designed for the installation of textile floorcoverings, G11 provides a high-performance tacky film and is 100% free from dichloromethane, meaning you can work with confidence in the classroom.


  • Gekko G47 Surface Tackifier: Looking for a general purpose surface tackifier that is simple, fast and cost-effective? Gekko G47 scores top marks every time. Featuring a chlorine-free formula, this product is used for installing textile floor coverings and is easily applied directly to the subfloor. 


  • Gekko G57 Surface Tackifier: A high-performance premium surface tackifier, Gekko G57 gets a gold star for its high-grade tacky film and its Indoor Airs Emissions EC1 Plus certification. Joining others in the range with its chlorine-free formula, G57 installs textile floor coverings faster with a super-fast flash-off time of 1-2 minutes. Who knew bonding could be such a breeze?


  • Gekko G67 Water-based Surface Tackifier: Gekko G67 is a unique member of the class, featuring water-based technology and a non-flammable propellant for safe use in occupied areas. Suitable for use with loose lay LVT, this bonding boss takes confidence in-application to the next level.

Gekko Surface Tackifiers: Get Your Free Sample

Working on a school refurb? Get the best results in-class with a FREE sample of your choice. Just send your request and we’ll take care of the rest!