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About us

What is Gekko®?


Why stick with us?

Gekko Flooring Adhesives is a range of expertly engineered adhesives for bonding floor & wall coverings including carpets, carpet tiles, underlay, LVT, VCT and vinyl. The Gekko Flooring Adhesives range has the product solution for virtually every flooring requirement.

Gekko Flooring Adhesives brings a unique range of spray adhesive systems to the flooring market, drawing on over 50 years of technical adhesive experience. The products are designed to make modern flooring contractors life easier when it comes to bonding floor coverings.

Correct application of adhesive is critical to ensure trouble-free performance so innovations to the range are vital to cater for the wide variety of fashionable decorative floor and wall finish materials that are continually launched.

Gekko Flooring Adhesives are a world-class example of innovation at its best, offering a complete range of bonding solutions for most commercial flooring installations. Packaged in pre-pressurised canisters, this range of spray adhesives enable quick, accurate and ergonomic application of adhesives for bonding and tackifying a wide range of floor coverings.


Under New Ownership

At the beginning of 2019, Quin Global UK became the new owners of Gekko.

Now known as Gekko Flooring Adhesives, we are excited to take this well-established flooring adhesive brand and develop its branding, pricing, customer support and products to bring something fresh and new to the market.

Quin Global is a world-class team of passionate people, who provide innovative adhesive solutions with exceptional customer experience. We are ‘Adhesive Innovators’.
We are best known for our adhesive knowledge and experience, but what we do behind the scenes is innovate, create and deliver peace of mind. There is a real sense of satisfaction at every step from concept to completion. This is a journey that not only our customers experience but also our people.

Adhesives are what we know best, and we love doing what we do well. The experience of service excellence that customers feel is world-class, with transparency and honesty along every step of the journey.


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