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Innovative adhesives for flooring, walls and synthetic grass

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If you require an effective adhesive system for bonding floor, wall and artificial grass coverings including carpets, carpet tiles, wood and vinyls, Gekko Industries is most likely to have the solution for you.

At Gekko Industries we offer innovative bonding solutions which enable the industries mentioned above to improve productivity, safely.  These adhesive solutions meet and overcome the challenges faced by businesses as budgets are squeezed, legislation is tightened, and limited resources are high on the agenda.  

The Gekko G1 and G2 Adhesive Gun systems are a great example. These innovations will revolutionize the wood flooring and wall cladding industries. They cut jobbing time, limit potential work hazards – by keeping, both, the operator and the working area clean – and reduce waste. In short, they are a must-have product for any flooring or cladding installer.  Using a unique dispensing nozzle system, adhesive is dispensed in multiple beads across the surface of the substrates to be bonded, giving consistent coverage rates, and maximum contact between both substrates. 

Gekko's Spray Adhesive Canister systems are another great example. This range of adhesives offer a complete range of solutions for the carpet, contract and vinyl flooring installer. Packaged in pre-pressurised canisters, this range of spray adhesives enable quick, accurate and ergonomic application of adhesives for bonding and tackifying floor coverings, such as carpets, carpet tiles and vinyls to many kinds of substrates 

A range of cartridge adhesives are also in the range, including Stikksafe 10 which is a fast curing Carpet Gripper adhesive allowing carpets to be stretched within 10 – 20 minutes after bonding, depending on substrate and atmospheric conditions.  Stikksafe 30 is ideal for bonding aluminium stair nosings, and it is recognised as one of the quickest curing stair nosing adhesives on the market, allowing foot traffic within an hour after bonding. 

Recently added to our range is a complete system for installing artificial grass.  Partnering with Henko Adhesives and Tools, a company based in Netherlands, the range is consistent with our mission to improve productivity, safely.  The range includes adhesives, seam tapes, installation tools and maintenance equipment, all designed to ensure a professional job is completed for your customer. 

Using a network of distributors enables the Gekko range of products to be available in most regions of the UK.  Contact us for further information on products and availability in your area. 


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