No-mess crazy golf artificial grass installation

No-mess crazy golf artificial grass installation

05.09.18 | Gekko Industries

One of our clients was looking for a quicker and more efficient way of bonding the seam tape on a crazy golf installation.  When we showed them the Gekko G2 gun and Turfstikk 200 hybrid polymer adhesive, they were sold immediately. Using the G2 was quick, easy and clean, and there was no mixing required.  

As you can see from these photos, the dispensing head of the Gekko G2 gun neatly ran under the two pieces of grass, dispensing the adhesive in consistent beads.  In this particular application, a gap was left for a white line to be inserted once the adhesive had been dispensed.  

No mess, easy to use, and quick grab and curing – a real time-saver for our customer.

Crazy golf artificial grass installation



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