Bathroom pod manufacturer saves on costly repairs

Bathroom pod manufacturer saves on costly repairs

08.08.18 | Gekko Industries

In the construction industry, “pods” are becoming more and more common.  Built offsite, bathrooms and other rooms can be manufactured in controlled environments and then transported to site and installed within the building structure and connected up to the relevant services.

We were approached by a bathroom pod manufacture as they were having bond failures where they were bonding vinyl flooring to the GRP structure of the pod.  The plasticiser within the vinyl flooring was breaking down the contact adhesive they had been using and sometimes the issue was taking months to show up, meaning a costly repair exercise for our customer.  

We suggested using Gekko G42 for this application as it is based on polyurethane and is 100% resistant to plasticiser migration (the process which breaks down standard contact adhesive bonds). Furthermore, Gekko G42, unlike normal contact adhesives, can be repositioned which meant that it was easier for the client to position the flooring accurately.

The manufacturer has been using this product for a number of years now and they are fully satisfied with its performance.

Bathroom pod manufacturer using Gekko adhesive



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