Meet the Team: Bianca Moir

If you’re new to Gekko you might not know that Quin Global first took the brand over in 2019.  Since then, we’ve done a huge amount of work to grow the credibility of Gekko, innovating in formulation and application as well as transforming perceptions of our adhesives.  A huge part of that has been giving Gekko an up-to-date, consistent brand image – and that’s thanks to our in-house graphic designer, Bianca Moir!

Bianca’s responsible for everything related to Gekko’s appearance and labelling, both on and offline – a huge task that means she’s always really busy!  We managed to track her down for a quick 5 minute chat about her contribution to the Gekko team…

Hi Bianca!  Tell us a bit about your role and responsibilities.  How long have you been with Gekko?

Hi!  My role is Graphic Designer and I’m based at Quin Global’s Perth office in Scotland.  I started at Quin Global in 2018 as a junior graphic designer.  This was my first real professional role, and I was promoted to graphic designer after 3 months.   My main responsibility is creating all kinds of marketing assets, whether that’s labels, TDS documents, literature, social media assets, merchandise, owned media or adverts.  I’m the ‘brand police’ around here – my job is to make sure everything we put out is consistent with the Gekko brand.  I’m also tasked with overseeing trade shows and events, taking the lead on stand designs, logistics, advertising and more.

What’s your professional background?

I studied Digital Media at college and then completed a placement at a design agency.  I then spent three years working as a restaurant supervisor before leaving to come to Quin.  During the time I was working in hospitality, I worked as a freelance designer – the majority of my skills are self-taught and I’m still learning as I go!

What do you enjoy most about working at Gekko?

The Gekko team.  Everyone’s committed to going above and beyond to make the brand amazing.  Gekko has been completely transformed since Quin took ownership and it’s been amazing to be a part of this and to see the growth and possibilities of Gekko. 

What part of your job is the most challenging?

Needing 4 extra hands!  My brain is bursting with ideas for Gekko and I find it frustrating that I can’t bring them all to life at once, but exciting too – there’s so much potential to come.

What’s your favourite Gekko product and why?

I would say the G57 tackifier – it ticks all boxes, being safe, multipurpose and high performance 

Away from work, how do you relax? 

Outside of work you’ll find me somewhere with coffee in hand, relaxing with my Labrador, Cali. 

What’s your hidden (or not so hidden) talent?

I’m not sure if this a talent or not but the only interesting thing I have is that in lockdown I became a DIY girl, me and my partner have done a garden, bathroom and kitchen renovation. Who’d have thought I could tile a wall?!

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