Gekko Adhesives: We Equip Contractors!

Gekko Adhesives: We Equip Contractors!

10.11.20 |

There’s a lot of adhesive providers out there. However, here at Gekko, we’re passionate about being friends to the thousands of contractors we’re proud to call customers. We equip contractors, and when you see the Gekko brand, you know you’re in good hands…

When you choose Gekko, you choose the latest range of innovative adhesive solutions from the experts at Quin Global. We’ve built our reputation on supplying flooring contractors and walling specialists across the world with adhesives that stick and a service level that is unrivalled.

We Equip Contractors!

Gekko’s range of advanced adhesives are all about eliminating risk and error through innovative design & engineering ability. This means protecting contractors by not only reducing the likelihood of injury on the job, but also by reducing their risk or exposure to dangerous materials and cancer-causing chemicals.

Protecting Contractors' Health

Flooring and walling contractors across the world are faced with a number of risks. Aside from working on sites that are fraught with hazards, contractors are constantly bending over, standing up and kneeling down, with knee straining activity occurring across nearly every stage of the bonding job. We understand the challenges here better than anyone, and here at Gekko, we think it’s time that contractors said goodbye to needless back pain!

We make our adhesive tools easy to use. However, that’s not all about making the job simpler. It’s about protecting your muscular health, making sure that you still enjoy your time off-the-job. Not only will our spray-based tools save you time and money: it’s ergonomic design offers real benefits for your back. The upright design means you don’t have to kneel. Not only that - it’s 80% faster than other products, including roll-on adhesives. After all, who’s got time for wasting time?

You’ve Got More to Worry About Than Adhesive

It’s true - you’ve got a lot more to worry about than just adhesive. When you opt for Gekko’s range of spray-based adhesives, you choose smarter and fit faster - and that’s more than just a marketing motto. Our tackifiers are totally unique, allowing you to lay down carpet tiles, for example, even when the adhesive is still wet and fresh out of the canister. 

The benefits of our quick-drying tackifying systems are obvious: you can get to the fitting part of the job quicker, meaning you can focus on other important tasks at hand. The time to switch to Gekko’s spray-based flooring adhesives is now. Waiting around for tackifiers to dry can be a tedious experience. You can wave goodbye to waiting on the job with our products, perfect for application across large areas.

We make more than adhesives. We make solutions that transform the lives of our customers, one perfect bonding job at a time. Join the fight against after-work aches with Gekko Adhesives. Choose Smarter, Fit Faster!


Choose Smarter, Fit Faster with Gekko Spray Adhesive

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